Series 11 of The Apprentice - First Episode: Felipe's thoughts

I believe that the main objective of The Apprentice should be to inspire the new generations to think about entrepreneurship.


Watching the first episode was difficult for many reasons, especially because the magic of the show has gone as I now know all the filming tricks. However, the most difficult thing for me is that the show seems to be more concerned with entertainment and celebrity wannabe controversial candidates than to inspire people to think about entrepreneurship, which I believe that was the original true value of the show.


I appreciate that the show has to be entertaining. However, entertainment should not mean people being rude, stabbing people in the back and finding candidates that aspire to be celebrities rather than business people.


I am sure that The Apprentice is able to attract serious aspiring entrepreneurs to be candidates and still create an entertaining show, viewed by even more people. The show will not only be more true to its initial objectives but will also be more reflective of the business world.


I went on The Apprentice because it is one of the few shows on television that has the power and exposure to ignite people's entrepreneurial spirit. We need to create entrepreneurial role models that can teach and inspire the new generations. My concern from watching the first episode of series 11 is that the show seems to be more focused on arguments and characters that on entrepreneurship.