Felipe is a great believer in social entrepeneurship.


Felipe has written a number of articles in relation to entrepeneurship and regularly is invited to talk about business and entrepeneurship.


Felipe has been involved in the creation of two companies.



Tiny Town 


Felipe designed, build and now operates with his family Tiny Town. Tiny Town is one of the biggest indoor play areas in the country. Tiny Town is a family company which main aim is to be a the centre of the community. Tiny Town is the product of three years planning involving parents, teaching professionals, psychologists and people committed to the development of children's play areas offering the best facilities, food and value. Tiny Town is a new concept in play areas that is educational and entertaining. Felipe recognised the need for children to have adequate facilities to train football. Tiny Town has state of the art 3G football pitches, which are used by the local community.


Colombian portal which objective is to encourage companies to provide work experience for students.