Felipe is not surprised that Scott "fired" Lord Sugar

A few weeks ago I was asked to write a review about the current series of The Apprentice. I’ve actually given up watching the show because, for me,  the “magic” of the show had gone – not least because since I’ve been a contestant myself, I now know all the filming tricks. Last week I was asked a number of times whether I was surprised that Scott had fired Lord Sugar. I did not watch the episode but  my answer was ‘no’. This is because, as I have noted in previous articles, the show has lost its main objective of inspiring people to become entrepreneurs.  True entrepreneurs do not want to go on the show just to become celebrities , fight among themselves and ‘back-stab’ their fellow contestants, true entrepreneurs should want to be a contestant on  The Apprentice because they want to show that they are capable of building a credible and long lasting business.


True aspiring entrepreneurs do not apply to the show to be disrespected or treated badly. They go because they believe in their idea, need capital and want to inspire new generations. Furthermore, they see Lord Sugar as a potential partner who can help them with their business dream as a partner and mentor. However, the problem seems to be that the show has forgotten that the offer is a partnership and not an employment contract. For a business partnership to work you need two people that work well with each other, treat each other as equals and respect each other. If people are not treated respectfully, are made look ridiculous to make good television and are not heard, why would they stay in the show and give away 50% of everything that they have worked for?


I think that more people would have left the programme but for the fear that their behaviour will be edited to make them look bad. The show has the power to edit people as they wish and many of the contestants are concerned about how will they be portrayed if they were to be fired by Lord Sugar.  I believe that The Apprentice has a key role to play and it is extremely important that the show continues, but it needs to realise that it must change and ensure that rather than becoming a celebrity nursery it becomes a show that leaves a legacy and helps create the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.